hi there, my name is

Will Carhart.

I build cool software.

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I'm a software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in back-end architectures, cloud infrastructures, and API development. I take pride in designing and implementing impactful software that is feature-rich and easy-to-use.

About Me.

Originally from the Silicon Valley, I migrated down to San Diego for college at the University of San Diego. I've worked on a variety of software teams doing a variety of software things, from home security to DNA sequencing to autonomous aircraft. I'm passionate about using software to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Outside of work, I still like to code. When I'm not coding, you can find me playing my ukulele and keyboard, planning new woodworking projects, or tending to my house plants.


Things I work with on the daily.

  • Node, Express
  • Python, Dash
  • Bash, Homebrew
  • GCP, Bamboo
  • Linux, git
  • Docker
  • Netlify


Accoutrement I've used in the past.

  • Java, Swift, C, Deno
  • Heroku, AWS, DigitalOcean
  • Django, BeautifulSoup
  • Jenkins, Travis CI, GitHub Actions
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite

The Tools for my Jobs.

Building quality software is what I do. I am proficient in a number of mainstream coding languages, libraries, and tools, and productive with others in a matter of hours.

I have experience designing, building, and maintaining software projects of all sizes. I regularly advocate for investing in infrastructure, documentation, and process at all stages of a project.

A Brief History.

Sr. Software Engineer, Infrastructure

Software Engineer, Infrastructure

Since Nov 2019
  • Designed, implemented, and maintain a front-end data visualization tool for internal company simulations, built with Dash and Plotly, backed by Google BigQuery, and served from GCP
  • Designed, implemented, and maintain an in-house end-to-end workflow management platform, which exposes and easy-to-use API, scalable, scheduleable cloud compute resources in GCP, and indexed artifacts in Elasticsearch, all in Node.js, Python, and Mistral
  • Designed a cloud architecture in GCP for compiling and executing computation-heavy MATLAB scripts, managing MATLAB licenses, and uploading artifacts
  • Designed and implemented an automated documentation generator that generates internal tooling documentation based on code functionality, hosted on an internal company webpage via a Static Site Generator (SSG)
  • Modernized and rearchitected Python-based complex abort verification system for Wisk's flight simulator, moving from on-prem solution to Kubernetes-based solution in GKE, reducing average job time from 72 hours to 30 minutes
  • Manage production Bamboo build agents, including configuration management, software upgrades, and job scheduling
  • Drive detailed documentation, verbose logging, and consistent traceability for every project

Languages and libraries: Node.js, Express.js, Bash, Python, Flask, Dash, Plotly, Mistral

Tools: git, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Google Drive, Slack, LucidChart

Platforms: Docker, Linux (Ubuntu), macOS

Infrastructure: GCP (Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, Compute Engine, App Engine, BigQuery), Bamboo, Puppet, Kubernetes (GKE), Elasticsearch

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Software Engineer, Automation

Software Engineer Intern, Automation

May 2018 - Oct 2019
  • Designed and implemented a new data-structure in Python to optimize and manage terabytes of genomic data in AWS S3, reducing cloud storage costs by over 50%, utilizing AWS Lambda, SNS, and CloudWatch
  • Designed and implemented custom compression algorithm, in Python, to more efficiently compress specific genomic data types, utilizing multiple threads and reducing filesize by over 90%
  • Automated the testing framework for the Clinical Oncology team, writing Bash and Python scripts to mimic standard interfaces in the team's 20+ step Docker-in-Docker genomic workflow

Languages and libraries: Python, Bash, PostgreSQL

Tools: git, GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Mattermost, Jama

Platforms: Docker, Linux (centOS), Windows 10

Infrastructure: AWS (S3, EC2, SNS, Lambda), Jenkins, GNU Make

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Web Developer Intern

Summer 2017
  • Built responsive webpages for various clients using HTML5, CSS3, and React
  • Maintained and updated documentation for production web apps
  • Troubleshot Elixir backend, managed Docker delopyments

Languages and libraries: React, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Elixir

Tools: git, GitHub, Trello, Slack

Platforms: Docker, Linux

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Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2016
  • Architected suite of Bash scripts to emulate poor networking conditions using a Linux-based network emulator, which was used to diagnose networking issues between Qolsys' proprietary home security panels and various routing hardware
  • Automated QA networking testing and accelerated response time to customer networking complaints

Languages and libraries: Bash

Platforms: Linux, Busybox, Android

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B.S. Computer Science

2014 - 2018
  • Graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics
  • Led a four person team to develop an iOS application to find nearby happy hours at bars and restaurants in San Diego - contributed the majority of the code, moving the team through user story generation, design proposals, and software development - utilizing Swift 4, Objective-C, iOS 11, Firebase, CoreLocation, and Yelp, Uber, and Lyft APIs
  • Wrote a plethora of other software tools, including lightweight servers, DNS resolvers, audio streaming applications, a VPN powered by Dijkstra's Algorithm, and much more

Languages and libraries: Java, Python, Swift, C, Objective-C, Ruby/Rails, VHDL

Tools: git, GitHub

Platforms: Linux (Red Hat), iOS, Windows 8, macOS

Infrastructure: Firebase, GNU Make

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Stuff I've Built.

For me, coding is as much a hobby as it is a career. Here are a few things I've built.