Multiplexed tool documentation

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A clean interface for all of my tools' documentation.

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Docs is deployed at Check it out yourself to explore how the site works.

Documentation is paramount

Documentation is important. People won't use my software if it isn't well-documented. And, as I written more and more software tools, I've started to feel constrained by standard GitHub READMEs and markdown files. While they are great starting point, I wanted a bit more control over how I structured my documentation. Thus, I created a standalone documentation website to house all of my software tools' documentation, which is currently deployed to

Multiplexing documentation

In order to reduce the amount of repeated components within my documentation site, I use a purpose-built static site generator for documentation, Docsify. In addition, docs acts as a documentation multiplexer, as it has a custom landing page that directs you to the separate documentation sites depending on what tool you're looking for.



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