Timeline site for Will and Alexx

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A meaningful website. A technical experiment.

See it yourself!

Wanda is deployed to alexxandwill.us. Check it out yourself to see wanda in action.

A wonderful site for a wonderful person

For the 2019 holidays, I wanted to be more creative than a simple Christmas card for my beautiful girlfriend, Alexx. Instead, I built her a website, alexxandwill.us, and gave it the codename wanda (an acronym for Will and Alexx) to hide it until it was ready. Since then, it's blossomed into a fun way to document our relationship.

How a passion project turned into a technical experiment

Initially, wanda was a standard static website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, I very quickly realized that much of the website could be broken down into reusable components. I figured that I could use a static site generator to build the site more sustainably in the future, but I had already built the whole website. Thus, I decided to write my own static site generator.

Wanda is staticly generated from a markdown file via a custom Python HTML generator. It was the precursor to the method I've used to develop willcarh.art, which also uses a custom static site generator, albeit much more complex.

Love you, Alexx ❤️



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